Six Week Course

Where will you be in a years time? Use the six week school holiday to plan your future and make your dreams happen!

Take my clarity and strategy course to propel you to your ideal life.

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Here's what we cover:

Week one

We look at all the areas of your life now.Then we design your life as you really want it, using creativty and mindfulness.

Week two

We assess your options and narrow them down. You create the BIG PICTURE of what your life will look like in a years time!

Week three

We work out what is getting in the way of you achieving this. There are always things in the way you don't realise are there.

Week four

We take the things that are blocking you and unpack them further. This allows us to work on removing them. By breaking them down you can see them for what they really are.

Week five

Using visualisation we eliminate the things that have been getting in your way. Only when you see things for what they are can you change your perspective and remove them.

Week six

This is where we create the BIG PICTURE. Then we break it down into small pieces which you will piece together over the coming year to make the big picture a reality. In term time. 

Can you believe another school year has ended already? 

A year ago, when the kids broke up for summer, where did you think you would be by now? 

Did you have plans to change your job, or start a business or to move somewhere new? 

Think about how what you wanted then compares to your life now. 

So many parents I know say their time just flies away with them and they can’t believe how their child is now suddenly going into KS2 or secondary school or college. Think ahead to September. After six glorious weeks off, you take your children to school and then what do you do?  

Do you go home and put the kettle on? 

Do you go to work in a job you are no longer satisfied with? 

Do you go home and try to start the business you want to, but now that you finally have the opportunity to do it, you have no idea where to start? 

Maybe you are glad to have the chance to give the house a good clean! (Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone else to do it for you?) 

Do you even know what it is that you want? 

To get where you want to go in life you need two things: Clarity and Strategy. I’m here to help you get clear on what it is you want and create a plan to achieve it. 

If you’re anything like most of the mums I know, and this used to be me too, you are spinning plates and have several of them in the air at once. Your kids, your work, your home, all the admin that comes with having a family and keeping them clean, fed and happy takes effort (and you're doing a great job). But because you’re the one holding all the sticks the plates are spinning on, you can’t stop, you can’t let go because everything will fall down around your ears. 

Won’t it? 

Just imagine how it will feel to put the plates down and work out exactly what you’ll be doing in September. Take a deep breath and think about this: 

What if you knew what you really wanted to do? Do you have too many options, or have a dream but feel it is unachievable? What if you knew what it was that was keeping you holding all the sticks and seemingly unable to do the things you really want to? 

What if you had a plan of action so that when you take your children back to school in September you know EXACTLY what you are doing? Stop and imagine it…You walk away from the school gates and instead of that familiar aimless feeling, you are SO EXCITED. 

You have a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be next summer, so when the end of this coming school year rolls around, you have rocked it, it has been the most AMAZING year of your life as a parent. When you drop your kids off, you don’t need to worry about the big picture. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are in your hand and you know how to piece them together.  

Let me ask you a question 

Are you familiar with the conditioned mind? 

It is the psychological programming you receive as you go through life. Most of it happens by the age of about seven, but you continue to pick up messages as you get older. These get lodged in our subconscious mind which prevents us from going forward. I like to compare it to the London train system. Our conscious mind is the overland train network and our subconscious is the underground. So when we decide we want something, our subconscious decides if it is good for us or not, based on what messages are in there and if it thinks it is safe. If not, if it is too different from what it finds familiar then the subconscious will find a way to stop us in our tracks. 

So our minds are full of ideas like ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘my older brother is the successful one in our family’ or ‘my younger sister is the creative one, not me’. It tells us we are too old, too young, we don’t have the experience, we don’t have the right body shape. It goes on and on. I help you to uncover these ideas and remove them so you can take the brakes off and get moving again. What about if every week for six weeks you could, with the magic of mindful creativity and some support and cheering on from me, work out the answers to all of these things with one creative project a week? 

What if in September, you know EXACTLY want you WANT to do. 

You know EXACTLY how you’re going to do it.

You have puzzle piece number one in your hand and you CAN’T WAIT to get started.  

How it works:

Every Monday starting July 23rd 2018 you receive a creative project via email. Once a week on Thursday evening there is a live video call for us to talk about how we are getting on, plus give each other plenty of support and encouragement. You can also email me twice a week with any questions. 

Each project is broken down into small manageable pieces so you can easily fit it around your family. A typical project comprises of:

Audio Visualisation

This is a type of guided meditation which encourages your subconscious mind to give up its secrets, each one is about five minutes long so you can easily find the time for it. 

Worksheet to colour or paint

This helps to clarify the ideas in your mind and tells you a lot about how you really feel about something. For example do you really want to do it or do you feel you should do it? 

Writing or freewriting

Freewriting is when you write from the heart without judgement. It might sound strange but it is a beautiful and enlightening process. 

Thank you so much Sophie, I discovered a deep awareness and had some profound insights while meditating and working through the exercises as well as enjoying a wonderful sense of relaxation and joy! I highly recommend Attentive Art to anybody who is unsure about where they are at or where they are heading! 

Angie, Canada

This course comes with bonuses!


An extra exercise which is truly insightful and is designed to show you how your thinking has changed.


I’ve created a planner with time for laundry, cleaning, and shopping. Also FUN and ME TIME. Print one out a week and you will easily find time for the course.


You will receive a five minute piece of meditation music. I often put this on to close my eyes and clear my mind before I start a project.


I will send you a list of links to articles, books and TED talks which are going to help with the course. 

Who is this course for? 

This course is for you if you are a mum who has a deep desire for a more fulfilled, enriched and beautiful life and needs some support to get there. 

This course is for you if you are committed to creating your beautiful life and are willing to embrace the process and do the work. 

This course is for you if you know deep down you deserve the honoured space and place in your family and you know that can be yours without it all crashing down, you just haven’t figured out how. 

This course is not for you if you want to change but want someone to do it for you, I can provide the tools and the support but only you can do the work. 

So, if you are ready and committed to your BIG PICTURE you probably want to know, 

How much does it cost?

To work with me one to one for six weeks costs £1500  

To take this course is £1200 BUT you don't have to pay that.

If you sign up for the course in the next 24 hours

you can join for £500 which is just a THIRD of the one to one price, saving you a thousand pounds. Wow.  

Plus you wil still recieve all the bonuses!

£500 might seem like alot of money, but, as I've said, it is one third of my one to one fees.

It is also important to make a financial investment in order to invest your time and effort into creating the life you want. If you've paid for something you are much more likely to use it. I used to be skeptical of this concept but in my experience it is true.

This course maps out your plan for the next year. To achieve this over 365 days, you will spend £1.36 per day. Put like that it is pretty manageable really. Put like that, can you afford not to? 


Because I want to help as many people as I can with my work. For every course you buy, I will donate 5% to the charity children and the arts who work with schools and hospices to provide access to the arts for children in situations where they don't already exist.

Ready to create your BIG PICTURE?

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