A Year of Mindful Creativity

Discover what is holding you back. Get unstuck and move forwards.

 A supported self study course by Sophie Walker

A Year of Mindful Creativity

A year of Mindful Creativity is a creative course over twelve modules which will help you to unlock what is holding you back and encourage you to move forwards.

 Imagine this time next year you have the knowledge of:

  • Exactly where you are in your life plan and what it is that you want?
  • What your inner critic is saying to you behind your back and how to replace neagtive thoughts with positive ones?
  • Which hidden fears and roadblocks are getting in your way and blocking your path?

You also have the creative power to:

  • Find out what your true self hides behind and shine the spotlight on yourself.
  • Treat yourself and others with beautiful loving kindness.
  • Stop procrastinating and get productive on the stepping stones to success.

Sound good? read on...

The Course has Twelve Modules

Each module has three elements

1. An audio meditation or visualisation to listen to.

2. A worksheet to download, print and colour or paint.

3. A free writing element for extra clarity. 


a short audio journey of about five minutes through the subject at hand to help you to visualise and be in the zone that the module is about. This helps the mind to be open to more answers and insights in the next section.

paint or colour

the act of painting or colouring while fresh from the meditative journey allows the mind to be in the state of 'flow' and this is where many answers to questions and solutions to problems can seemingly appear from nowhere.

free writing

this is when you write without giving it too much thought, after the psinting exercise your mind will be more open to telling you the truth from the subconscious. Here you might be surprised at what you tell yourself!

What Can Mindful Creativity do for You?

As well as exercising your creative muscles, mindful creativity stimulates other parts of your psyche. It allows for a dialogue with yourself. It makes space for realisations and 'aha' moments to pop up. It encourages a change of pace, an approval of self and an invitation to relax. It improves you while you aren't looking.

By this time next year you can:

  • Have a new perspective on your life so far
  • Have a greater understanding of yourself
  • Have an improved relationship with yourself
  • Enjoy a positively renewed outlook for your future
  • Carry a sense of creative achievement to take forward
  • Understand what lights you up inside and why
  • Access parts of your psyche you didn't know existed
  • Hold your creative head up high
  • Know how to relax more and that you deserve to
  • Be part of an amazing online creative community
  • Repeat the course, as once you have bought it you keep all the elements

How it Works 

When you buy the course you will recieve an introductory email with a free gift and a bonus exercise to say thank you.  

Every month you receive an email with the module for the month. 

The areas we are looking at are:

1. Where are you now in your life?

2. Find out what it is you really want.

3. Silence your inner critic by noticing your negative self talk.

4. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

5. Unpack your hidden fears.

6. Banish procrastination and get more productive.

7. Which roadblocks are blocking your path?

8. What are you hiding behind?

9. Loving kindness.

10. Stepping stones to success.

11. Shine the spotlight on yourself.

12. Well done, congratulations!

It is important to point out that there is no right or wrong in any of this course. How you interpret each exercise is totally up to you, if it feels good to you then great, if it doesn't then maybe try a different approach. Everybody has their own style and yours will be as beautiful as everyone else's. It is about how you feel, about understanding yourself, finding out and celebrating who you are.  

I never want you to do a project and look at it and think 'That's no good'.  

I want you to do each project and smile and say 'I did that!'  

There is a facebook group you can join if you want to. You can share your work if you feel you would like to. Or not. The only rule is to be kind, positive and encouraging. It is a safe space to explore your creativity and as I have said there is no right or wrong, so everybody and their work is welcome.  

About Sophie Walker

Sophie has been an artist for many years. She has also lived with anxiety and depression and a whole host of subconscious psychological factors which were holding her back. She studied psychology and mindfulness from a creative perspective, applied what she learned to her life and had brilliant results. 

This new knowledge along with her artistic experience gave her the passion to help other people, whether they believe they are creative or not, to use these tools to help them to improve all areas of their lives in a relaxed and enjoyable way. With that in mind, Sophie has put together this year long course to help you to reset your ideas on creativity, how you view yourself, to become unstuck and discover what is truly possible for you in your life. 

She believes wholeheartedly that you can uncover what is holding you back, design the life you want and live it to the full. 

The course requires that you have access to a printer as you will need to download and print one or two A4 sheets for each module. For colouring or painting, any basic pens, pencils or water based paint are fine, whatever you are happiest using. Feel free to collage and get the glitter out if you wish to! 

For the writing exercises I recommend a journal, but anything you want to use is fine. I have chosen not to include lengthy branded workbooks as in my experience they use a lot of printer ink when I have a perfectly good notebook handy which I am more comfortable writing in. Let's save those resources and use what we have to hand!  

"Thank you so much Sophie.

I discovered a deep awareness and had some profound insights while meditating and working through the exercises as well as enjoying a wonderful sense of relaxation and joy! I highly recommend Attentive Art to anybody! "  

Angie, Canada

"Thank you, Sophie

for reminding me about this beautiful process and for a constant inspiration. I forgot about everything, time was just flowing. The simple act of moving the paint brush made me feel relaxed." 

Karolina, Ireland

How much does it cost?

Each of these workshops individually costs £49.00

This would make the course cost nearly £600.00

Because I want it to be available to everyone, I am cutting that in half and it can be yours for just £300.00

That is less that 80p a day! What would you soend 80p a day on next year? Or £5.70 a week?

Wouldn't it be better to spend it on yourself?

To help you make your mind up I have decided to offer this course for a very limited time only at just


Yes, for the record, that is just 32p a day or £2.30 a week, less than a cup of coffee!

Isn't it time to invest in yourself?

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Year of Mindful Creativity

“Invest in yourself now and reap the dividends day after day after month after year.” — Jack LaLanne